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Advice To My Past Self From The Tardis

Advice to My Past Self From The Tardis
Oct 13 '12
"Our bad things will turn out for good."

- Romans 8.28

This is the second Christian-oriented post I’ve made and I don’t want to be misunderstood. Eventually I’ll flatter myself by putting up a longer post on my feelings about religion but for now, let me just say.

1. If pressed, I would define my self as an agnostic. Not that I really think religious or spiritual beliefs can be concretely defined… I truly don’t think any two people share the EXACT same religious/spiritual beliefs about everything. Definitions exist because it makes life easier on people to be able to classify, identify and understand things; throughout history we do see certain patterns of this repeat themselves. Blahblah (Foulcault, Eriade, Jung, ect)

2. Despite the negative, terrible, awful, heinous, atrocious, genocides, cultural destruction, imperialism, racism, sexism, classism, colonial legacies, corruption of power, abuse and corruption of faith, perversion of sex and sexuality, sex crimes, crimes against humanity…., well… Okay, let me start over. I clearly don’t agree with lots of the things done by religious people and institutions over the course of history. However, I do believe that the bad in things does not cancel out the good. And seeing that is part of what keeps giving me faith in humanity, despite all the wrongs we inflict each other.

3. I do plan on posting positive, loving messages from other belief systems in addition to ones from “Christian” philosophy. I will do so as long as I feel that they embody the spirit intended in this blog.

If, for whatever reason, anything (of any nature) I post here offends you or brings you feelings of shame, guilt, stigma, or bad feelings/messages that have been imposed on you PLEASE message me and let me know. I truly encourage discussion and fully want this blog to be a bit reflective of my personality; but above all that I want it to be a safe space for EVERYONE.