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Advice To My Past Self From The Tardis

Advice to My Past Self From The Tardis
Jan 31 '13

The Relationship Between Enthusiastic Consent and Sex-Positivity

One of the major benefits of the enthusiastic consent model is that it transitions smoothly from preventing unacceptable behavior to promoting pleasurable and desired behavior. Feminists are concerned with the lack of sex positivity in American culture, particularly for women. Women are rarely encouraged to experienced pleasure or taught how to do so, which relates to rape culture in that women often do not expect pleasure from sex and therefore consent to touch that they do not particularly want, or consent for reasons of convenience or guilt.

The enthusiastic consent model encourages members of both sexes to speak up about desires. Not only should the parties consent only to touch that they really want, but they should also affirmatively communicate about sex. The idea is that if a culture of open communication develops, there will be less of a risk of unwanted touching short of rape, of misunderstandings or unreasonable expectations that sometimes result in “date” rape, or of consent based on societal expectation rather than desire. This model would also de-stigmatize “no,” so that individuals will not feel guilty about refusing touch and those initiating touch will not experience embarrassment or loss of pride when an offered touch is refused.

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